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Are you a team leader or manager with too much to do and not enough time?

Do you feel lonely and like no-one can help you?

Maybe you don't like confrontation or dealing with difficult people.

Maybe you're the only wahine Māori in your team or organisation and no-one listens to you.

Or maybe you don't have the confidence to speak up in meetings, voice your opinions, present your ideas and offer your contributions. 

I can help. All across Aotearoa I've helped wāhine like you take their leadership to the next level. 

I help wāhine get clear on who they are, what they stand for, and doing work that matters. I help wāhine believe in themselves and their abilities.  

These brilliant and talented wāhine are poised to take their leadership to the next level and position themselves as wāhine of influence. They understand that leadership is not so much about being in charge but taking care of those in their charge.

It makes good business sense for more wāhine to occupy leadership roles in organisations. We make up half of the population, we have the qualifications, the competence and the experience. We have the ambition, we are driven, and we care. Studies have shown that the financial performance of companies improved when there were wāhine in their leadership teams. 

While both tāne and wāhine are equally capable of truly great leadership, my research showed that wāhine can be very different in how they operate as leaders, promote their talents, and seek opportunities. One of the findings revealed that wāhine don't take the time to step away and gain clarity about their strengths, focus, or direction. They're too busy working and getting things done. 

The problem is that when they have their heads down, more often than not, they miss what's happening in their environment. When they put off attending networking events because they're "too busy", they don't build the network of support and connections that could help them in their current or future roles. Thus missing out on potential opportunities, expecting their work to speak for itself. This rarely works. 

I established iWahine NZ for wāhine Māori looking for inspiration, leadership, connection and support. iWahine NZ is the only wāhine Māori leadership development company providing mentoring, coaching, facilitation and training for wāhine Māori. You will be challenged to think about your identity as a leader, consider where you need to focus your development, and then work intentionally to make it happen. 

What's the meaning behind iWahine? 

The name iWahine NZ represents the modern wahine who is firmly and proudly Māori and embraces technology. She acknowledges her past and the great leadership of those that walked before her but she wants to express herself, in her authenticity, in today's and tomorrow's world. 

The "i" (pronounced as in "eye") represents her potential to design, develop, and sell (products, services and ideas) as an indigenous wahine using technology. The 'i" stands for inspiration, influence and impact

From a Māori world view, the "i" (pronounced as "e" in English) acknowledges us as descendants of Hineahuone, the first human created. Isn't it fabulous that the name iWahine brings together the two different cultural perspectives and our divine feminine identity with technology? Thus, representing the evolving and overlapping wolrds that we constantly navigate. Mauri ora!

Who We Serve

iWahine Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Supporting wahine-owned businesses to grow and achieve real business results. Our goal is to increase the number of successful wahine-owned businesses one business at a time.

iWahine Professionals and Executives

Supporting wahine to develop their careers based on their desires, core values, key strengths and skill set. Our goal is to increase the number of talented wahine in executive positions and on boards.

iWahine Leadership Development

Supporting wahine to enhance their authentic leadership skills in preparation for opportunities to lead in their business, their professional and personal lives.


iWahine is a modern word for Wahine Toa (a woman who is an expert in her chosen area of interest. She is an entrepreneur, a business owner, an executive, a manager). It's a mentality that you choose to step in to. It’s your alter-ego.  

To be an iWahine means:

  • Putting aside all your doubts, all your fears, all of your excuses and every reason you think you can’t do it.
  • Taking control of your destiny, your career, your business, your health, your relationships, your life.

iWahine Manifesto
An iWahine:

  • Is the courageous wahine inside of us who takes responsibility for where she’s at. She isn’t a victim of her circumstances. She doesn't make excuses or complain about what she can’t change. She spends more energy doing something about it instead of telling everybody why she “can’t”.
  • Can have it all and do it all without having to compromise who she is.
  • Realises that she shines the most when she is authentic and true to herself.
  • Isn't about just talk, but getting it done. She recognises that if she want results and success, she has to put in the work.
  • Doesn’t aim to please others expectations. Rather she aims to be the best version of herself.
  • Doesn’t listen to all the naysayers around her who are afraid she will succeed.
  • Focuses on what she wants.
  • Speaks up, speaks out, speaks truthfully.
  • Make no apologies for her strength.
  • Takes good care of herself and knows that by doing so she can give more to others.
  • Supports and uplifts other wāhine - always. 
  • Takes no BS, takes action, gets shit done, is a no-compromise-kind-of-woman who values her integrity, confidence and self-worth and doesn’t change who she is for anybody. 

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