Our Mahi

We help wāhine prepare for their next leadership role in business, the community, or whānau.

Our mission is to generate and grow wāhine leaders at every level from the grassroots across all professions and industries; from the emerging leader - manager - middle manager - senior manager - executive in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, including community and Māori organisations.

Why? Because we need more leaders.

And not just any leader but great leaders who are grounded in their whakapapa. Because a different kind of leadership is required for the twenty-first century - found in people who are aware of their own intentions and identity, who responsibly lead themselves to overcome obstacles in their own lives and, as a result, lead others to succeed in driving growth and transforming lives.

That's what iWahine and our services and programmes are about: transforming your life, opening doors to potential and to opportunities.

We help you to be the kind of leader that you admire and would want to follow. We work with you to unlock the authentic & powerful leader within you to build your confidence, embrace your personal power, and express your leadership presence.

We offer three products and services: iWahine Leaders, the Wāhine Toa Programme, and our annual Leadership Hui.

iWahine Leaders

Online Monthly Training

Every month we provide online tips, tools, and training to help you develop as a leader at work, in your community, or in your whānau. We help you build your self-belief, your self-image, and your self-esteem so you are confident and ready for your next level of leadership.

iWāhine Academy

Leadership Development

Online leadership development courses that you can do easily and comfortably in your own home, at your own pace. The iWāhine Academy will prepare you for your next role by building on your natural leadership strengths.

Leadership Hui

Mā te wahine, mō te wahine.

iWahine Leadership Hui are held once a year in October/November. These two-day hui are for wāhine from diverse professions, industries and sectors seeking stimulation, inspiration and connection. A great opportunity to give and receive tools, tips, strategies and best practice.