I believe that we all have the potential to be leaders. Some of us want to lead, some of us don't, and some of us shouldn't. So what exactly is leadership? In my view leadership is the ability to inspire, influence, and impact. You show me a person that inspires, influences, and impacts others and I'll show you a person that leads them.

So many people think that leadership is a title or position. And you may be a leader that has a title or position but I've come across many people who inspire and influence with no title or position. To me, they are leaders.

They lead every day from wherever they are in their whānau, community or mahi, in the endeavour they choose and sometimes without meaning to or realising it. 

Kia ora, my name is Awhimai Reynolds and I'm grateful that our paths have crossed. My philosophy is that leadership starts with the self. A person cannot lead others until she can first lead herself - the more she works on herself, the more she can give to those around her.

My mission and my purpose is to inspire wāhine to invest in themselves, develop their leadership potential, and lead (alongside tāne) in the whānau, hapū, iwi, community or workplace. We need more leaders, great leaders, to lead us into the future. 

In 2015, I started iWahine NZ to provide a platform for wāhine Māori voices, faces and stories throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Through the use of social media, we promote te mana o te wāhine and connect with wāhine toa.

Why am I so passionate about this kaupapa?

I come from a long line of wāhine toa. All my life I've had strong female role models who have influenced me, including my nannies, my mother, my aunties and my six sisters as well as my koro, my dad, managers, co-workers, teachers, fellow students, and friends.

I want to share what I know with others. I want all people to be inspired to believe in themselves and their abilities. And it starts with self-awareness, knowing how great leaders lead, understanding the importance of communication, and practising leadership every day. 

It's not enough to "know" or intellectualise leadership; you have to "do" leadership to "be" a leader.

To lead others you must first lead yourself. Because if you can't lead yourself, how can you expect to lead others. The true understanding of self, can serve as a leader's greatest asset. Successful leaders know who they are, are clear about what matters to them, and create value for themselves and others. 

This means you are responsible for your own development. Great leaders never stop growing or developing. They are lifelong students and never stop taking in new information. 

My life changed for the better when I began centering all that I do around my talents, strengths, and passions. As I came  to understand my identity and my purpose in life, that enabled me to realise the value of education, information, and knowledge. I began to make information relevant to my personal and professional development, and that allowed me to define my existence and take control of my life. 

Understanding how to apply knowledge and learning to self-actualise your potential is what leadership is all about. 

At iWahine we help you improve your performance at every level, enhance your lifelong learning capacity, and change your mindset from that of a follower to a leader - first leading yourself, then others. 

I am truly grateful to have discovered for myself who I am and what my purpose is, what my mission in life is, and to be able to share that with as many people as I possibly can

If you want your life to get better, then take control of it. It's up to you and no one else. Don't wait for others to define who you are or what your potential is. That, e hoa, is a lifelong journey for you to undertake. 

My Why

"To inspire wāhine to lead at work, in the whānau, hapū, iwi and communities,
alongside our tāne, so that we can create a better future for our mokopuna."


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