Bored Yet? Four Leadership Tips You Can Try At Home

Mar 31, 2020

No matter how good a leader you are, you can always improve.

And with all this time at home you have plenty of time to devote to improving your skills because let’s face it, things are not going to back to “normal” for a while.

So the next time you come into a difficult conversation at home, at the supermarket (be kind to our essential workers), on the phone or on a Zoom call or meeting, here are four leadership exercises you can try that will improve your communication skills and your ability to influence your team or others.

  1. Softening the Blow

Delivering bad news to others is tough.

It’s even harder when you don’t agree with the message or decision you’re communicating—like telling a star performer that they’re being passed over for a promotion.

To make sure that the news lands more smoothly, preface your communication with an accusations audit.

Let me explain, an accusations audit is a negotiation tool where you figure out the...

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Definition of a Wahine Toa

Mar 15, 2020

Throughout my years in the workforce as a contributor and manager working for corporate, public organisations and NGOs, leading a nonprofit, speaking, conducting workshops, hosting events and running my own business – in all that time, I have come to know that leadership is everything.

There is, I believe, a leader shift happening – and about time.

The leader shift is a shift to identity – knowing who you are.

Because a leader can’t lead others until she can first lead herself – the more she works on herself, the more she can give to those around her.

Without a strong identity, we are more likely to be carried by the influence of our environment into a future requiring very little reflection and development.

Some people have commented to me on the posturing they observe by some people but the question is – are these people, true leaders?

True leaders are not looking to posture; true leaders are looking to make a difference and to fulfill their...

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Is it time for a leadershift?

Mar 07, 2020

Kia ora e hoa

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

Thinking about a whole lot of things ... about the future and about leadership – of course!

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever and we are living in a fast-forward culture where the role of a leader is ever-changing and in my view requires a leadershift.

What do I mean by this?

Leaders of today and tomorrow need to be ready to make quick changes, on the go.

This may mean seizing an occasion that does not promise much and turning it into an opportunity. Such as abandoning practices and behaviours – the trodden path that got you to where you are now – and creating new paths (and new ways of practicing and behaving) with unknown and untested outcomes.  

It means that you don’t do everything to be liked by your team or others in order to guide them to success. You don’t chase people to make them follow you. Some people won’t like the direction you are taking but that’s ok....

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You don't need permission to lead

Nov 03, 2019

Have you looked around your workplace and thought about how you would do things differently if you were in charge?

It's funny how we accept our organisation's structure and assume that the ability to lead change requires being a team leader, a manager, or a CEO with a number of reports. 

Of course, it's easier to lead from a position of authority because when you have the title, people look to you to set the direction for the team. 

But the most important thing that comes with having a position of authority is the ability to decide how resources will be used within the organisation. 

The reality is, it requires very little authority to lead. 

The authority a CEO, manager or team leader has may give you permission to give directions to other people but relying solely on your authority to get other people to do things isn't really leading at all. 

Instead, leadership is about inspiring people around you to willingly join you and want to support your...

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Haters gonna hate

Oct 09, 2019

My first hater posted a negative comment about me a couple of weeks ago.

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Even though I was expecting it, still... it kinda threw me off balance... for about two seconds.

The negative comment was personal and she doesn’t even really know me.

You may have seen all the ads on Facebook promoting my Wāhine Toa Programme and the iWahine Leadership Hui in November.

When you put yourself out there, you expose yourself to all sorts of comments from “the public” – both good and bad.

It’s what stops a lot of wāhine from stepping forward, from being seen, from voicing their opinions.

It’s why wāhine stay out of the spotlight.

But let me tell you, you being invisible doesn’t serve anyone.

Fortunately for me, I have done “the work” – basically I work on managing my mind, my thoughts, and my emotions.

I know that I cannot control what others say, think, or do.

What someone else...

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Running and leadership

Sep 23, 2019

I have a secret obsession.

Well... maybe not an obsession but a ...thing.

I love to run (ok running might be stretching it a bit but shuffling doesn’t sound as good)!

People are often surprised when I tell them because I don’t exactly look “the type”.

In fact, I look nothing like a runner.

I’m tall (5’8 or 173 cms), large-boned with plenty to love around my middle and backside but I still run and I love it!

I run for the pure joy of it.

I love being outside, feeling the sun, wind or rain on my face; being exposed to the elements.

I always feel invigorated and alive afterward.

Over the years I have run in many running events – two marathons, several half marathons, even more, 10kms.

As a kid I was in the local athletics club and ran in lots of races, mostly shorter distances, I even won a few.

So.. to me running is natural.

I think leadership or being a leader is similar in many ways.

You can be leading even though it may not look like it to...

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Leaders and leadership

Aug 19, 2019

Being a leader is tough.

We are reminded of how tough it can be when we see demonstrations like what’s happening at Ihumātao.

And we even get this message in movies like ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Herbs’. (By the way, I highly recommend seeing Herbs. I thoroughly enjoyed it! The talent, the historical events, the political messaging through waiata, leaders like Joe Hawke and Eva Rickard, the members of Herbs and their stories, and the fabulous Annie Crummer!).

With the celebration of the Koroneihana starting this week, it has given me cause to think about leaders and leadership.

Most people aren’t born with the innate gift of being able to get things done and inspire people on a daily basis.

But you don’t need to be born that way to succeed.

Like any skill, you can learn leadership.

It involves a lot of practice and focus, but you can train yourself to be an excellent leader.

Recently I’ve had a couple of wāhine reach out to me about...

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You Are Meant For More

Jun 29, 2019

Do you have that feeling of wanting more bottled up inside of you?

And you just need to release it into the world.

The question is how do you do that?

How do you share your knowledge, your expertise, your message, your vision with more people?

How do you create a more purposeful and abundant life that you really desire?

How do you satisfy that "meant for more" feeling?

I believe that the best way is to simply be yourself.

You don't have to shift gears to contribute your value to the world.

Just be you, your beautiful, authentic, sassy self!

Practice what you preach.

Be transparent about who you are, what you do, and then share your path with others.

This will help you tap into that "meant for more" feeling.

Stop waiting to be noticed.

Start creating your own opportunities.

Getting more opportunities will create better results for you and for those you are meant to help.

How do you cause those opportunities to happen?

By following the path of others who have already been there and...

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How To Grow From Your Mistakes

Mar 28, 2019

"To err is human."

How do you deal with mistakes?

We all make mistakes. It's easy to forget that when we're in the midst of a mess-up.

But it's impossible to avoid miscalculations, mishaps, both big and small.

And have you found that the busier you are, the more mistakes you're likely to make? Maybe you've hurt someone's feelings by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or left the water running and flooded your home, or fumbled the presentation in a meeting, or maybe you lost a client?

No matter how impeccable you are or how perfect you feel like you could be, the question is not whether you will make a mistake, but it's "Will you own it?" Will you stay positive? Will you move forward from life's inevitable ups and down?

So how do you bounce back from a mistake?

I'm going to share with you three things you can do to put mistakes behind you? And the three things aren't panic, make excuses,...

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Love Yourself and Make the World a Better Place

Mar 21, 2019

It's funny how we can find it so easy to love other people and yet find it so difficult learning how to love yourself.

I think it's because we've been taught that loving ourselves is selfish or conceited in some way.

After all, nobody likes a narcissistic person who never seems to care very much about anyone else.

But there's a huge difference between loving yourself and being narcissistic!

Loving yourself doesn't mean you think you're better than anyone else.

It's simply a matter of recognising your own good qualities and acknowledging that you are a loveable person and that you are worthy of love.

Because no matter what you've been taught to believe, you are worthy of love.

And the most important person you need to receive that love from, more than anyone else, is YOU.

Benefits of Loving Yourself

Here's why loving yourself is the key to a good life and why the world needs you...

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