4th iWahine Leadership Hui 2022

A Must Attend Event For Wāhine Looking For The Next Level of Leadership

  • A welcoming space for wāhine Māori to be themselves.
  • Discover the leadership skills required in the twenty-first century and learn how to weave them with your own identity and worldview.
  • Lead with confidence by getting clear on your leadership purpose, mission, vision, and values.
  • Balance self-care, whānau, community, and mahi.
  • Learn how to nurture other leaders.
  • Expand your network of influencers.

What value will you receive?

You will be inspired and uplifted from being amongst like-minded wāhine leaders. You will feel like you have finally found a place where you are understood and where you can be you. You will leave with new goals, a kete full of tools, buzzing with fresh ideas for your own leadership development journey and about the future.


Be inspired by a different kind of leadership required in the twenty-first century. Learn from the successes, and failures, of respected leaders who are aware of their own intentions and strong in their identity; true leaders who are making a difference and fulfilling their mission in life and business.


Learn the tips, tools, and strategies to be the best leader you can be. Discover the secrets to improving your communications skills, understanding your strengths, implementing healthy habits, making difficult decisions, staying on task, adding value to your organisation and so much more.


Leadership is creating daily habits. It's doing the small things right and being prepared to take full advantage of new opportunities. Get a glimpse into the character, personality, and attributes of an amazing assortment of leaders and discover how they make the most of what they have to make an impact.

Wāhine Toa 2019 Presentations

Who is the iWahine Leadership Hui for?

Current and emerging wāhine leaders who:

  • Are ready to position themselves for leadership opportunities
  • Recognise that a different kind of leadership is required in the twenty-first century
  • Are aware of their own intentions and identity
  • Responsibly lead themselves to overcome obstacles in their own lives.

What participants said...

"It was for Māori women, by a Māori woman, and turned out to be so much more."

"I enjoyed the speakers and their amazing stories, and making new networks."

"The content and diversity of speakers was awesome! Also the inclusion of different backgrounds and areas and the grounding in a Māori world view."

"I loved the collective wāhine spiritual vibe combined with the business kaupapa. The valuable knowledge shared by wāhine was incredible and very inspiring."

"What I like about the hui was the people, the content, the range of expertise, how the programme unfolded offering times of engagement, well catered with all needs being met. In short, I loved everything about the hui."

"The hui demonstrated how te ao Māori and te ao Pākehā can actually be woven together quite beautifully and successfully; a nice balance of professionalism and tikanga Māori by, for, and with wāhine ."

"Wow! What a privilege being with likeminded wāhine out in the world doing business - sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge. Kaupapa Māori Environment and attitudes in the room. On time and professional in its delivery. High caliber of participants and presenters. Wide mix of talents and skills and varied businesses. Te Ao Māori featured in most of the business initiatives. Identifying and encouraging the Māreikura / Goddess within. Interesting, modern and relevant kaupapa of the day."

" Hey Awhimai, your name is so right for this mahi. Thank you for organising such as fabulous hui. Keep them coming!"

"A huge thanks!!! This event taught me heaps about myself as well as others in their roles and responsibilities. I did think that it was a good variance of people speaking from all different paths of life."

" With the variety of speakers I congratulate you Awhimai ~ it keeps it REAL. So inspiring... Yet again I have returned home with more insight into why I feel such passion to help open doors for my whānau."

"Enjoyed it very much. Good networking opportunities and range of speakers."

"The calibre of speakers was vey high and the programme was well-balanced with time to listen, time to reflect, time to sing and time to breathe. It was awesome! Thanks so much."

"I simply loved being in a supportive environment. I was the real me as I participated and listened in awe. So many waves."

"I loved how the attendees were comfortable in their own skin which allows others to be as well. Humility in our wāhine shows that even in today's world the teachings of our tipuna live on. Inspirational, motivational exceptional wāhine Māori. A must attend event for wāhine Māori looking towards the next step towards success! Mauri ora ki ngā ringaringa me ngā waewae o te hu me te kaitiaki o te kaupapa. E Awhimai, e mihi ana ki a koe e te kairaranga tāngata. Mauri ora."

"Truthfully I didn't know what to expect but I loved every aspect of this event and am so grateful that I came and was a part of it!!!

"Overall the hui was great, just to have the space as Māori women to come together and kōrero was definitely enlightening."

" I loved the speakers - all very different and inspirational in their own ways. Thank you Awhimai for a neat two days."

"Professional, relevant and enhancing. Keep it small so that we have to mix and mingle. Keep up the good work. Best conference I've been to."

"The hui was absolutely amazing. Ka wane kē Awhimai mō tō mahi katoa :)"

"Able to uplift and empower our wāhine in a safe environment and show case the talent out there but not in a show off way. I was taught to be humble, when there is a room full of beautiful, clever wāhine it's like we are just having a kōrero and a laugh, keeping the value of being humble intact."

"The time out was magical. Such a well planned programme - speakers from a range of different perspectives and approaches: chefs, yoga, global entrepreneurs, educationalists, restorative justice through waiata, and fabulous fabulous wāhine to share it with. Excellent value for money and a great kaupapa."

"A space to breathe Mana Wahine!"

"Kia kaha rā i roto i āu nā mahi …he kaupapa rangatira tēnei! Here is my honest feedback. I really enjoyed both iWahine Leadership Hui. You filled a niche area that we needed as the other options for wāhine Māori on the circuit are not affordable for most of us unless you work in a Govt. department that will pay for you as professional/ personal development. Your price and hui are value for money. The speakers for me is the draw card, I think you provide a wonderful blend of action, information, motivation and actual tips and ideas for the participants to take away."

"Awhimai your Leadership hui are fabulous, the one we attended was great. Meeting you and other inspirational wahine was exciting. I know the amount of work it takes kare, 24 x 7."

"Personally I believe that there is a real need and demand for a Wahine Leadership hui with a Maori lens, and that a live event can be a powerful vehicle to build and grow a business.”

"Even though they were REALLY tough for me, my memories of the iWahine Conferences are most certainly locked and loaded.... and when I sit quietly and reflect about this journey I'm so glad I did. Due to lack of confidence and general social interaction skills on my part, and probably a lack of common interests, I didn't come away with a network of new friends, but I did come away with new goals, new information, fresh thoughts about my own journey in life."

Who are our visionaries and what do they see for our future? And as a leader what is your vision for this decade?