Our Mahi

We help wāhine prepare for their next leadership role in business, the community or whānau. 

We want to generate and grow wāhine leaders at every level from the flaxroots out, across all professions and industries from emerging leader - manager - middle manager - senior manager - executive in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, including community and Māori organisations.

Why? Because we need more leaders.

The needs of the twenty-first century cannot be met by followers. The opportunities opening up in the twenty-first century will not be snatched up by followers. The world will not be improved by followers. It is the leaders who will meet those needs, seize those opportunities, and change the world.

And not just any leaders but great leaders who are grounded in their whakapapa. Because a different kind of leadership is required for the twenty-first century - found in people who are aware of their own intentions and identity, who responsibly lead themselves to overcome obstacles in their own lives and, as a result, lead others to succeed in driving growth and transforming lives. 

That's what iWahine and our services and programmes are about: transforming your life, opening doors to potential and to opportunities that you didn't even know existed. 

We help you to be the kind of leader that you admire and would want to follow. We work with you to build your confidence, embrace your personal power, and express your signature leadership presence. 

Definition of a Wahine Toa

Wāhine Toa know themselves inside and out.

They are at peace with who they are.

They don't make excuses for not being strong in every area or for not being perfect. They know their strengths, and they can see how to use their strengths to their own and to an organisation's benefit. 

The know what they care about and what they are passionate about, and they pour their energies into their passions. 

They know how to build teams and be part of a team.

They know how to lead, how to encourage, how to motivate others - and themselves.

They are authentic leaders who lead others with the skills they've developed.

They do not give up. 

The stand strong on their principles.

They aren't ruled by their fear or other negative emotions. 

The are problem solvers. 

They see solutions where others see only roadblocks. 

They are bridge builders and people connecters. 

They see the potential not only in themselves but in others, and they  nurture that potential. They bring energy and unflagging enthusiasm to their work. 

They fully expect to fail and to learn from that failure and to be better because of it.

They look forward to every day because of the possibilities it holds. 

They naturally attract others because of their vitality, their optimism, and the value they bring to any group they are in. 

They know who they are, they know where they are going, and they know how they are going to get there. And because they know these things, people follow them and respect them. People pay attention to those who have a vision and who know how to live that vision out, step by step, day by day, decision by decision. 


iWahine Monthly Mentoring

Online Monthly Mentoring 

Get online guidance, motivation and emotional support to help you respond quickly and decisively to events as they occur in your daily life and build your confidence and skills as a leader. Prepare for your next leadership role and connect with other wāhine. 

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Wāhine Toa Programme

Leadership Development 

An online eight module practical leadership development programme that you can do easily and comfortably in your own home, at your own pace. Wāhine Toa will prepare you for your next role by building on your natural leadership strengths.   

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Leadership Hui

Mā te wahine, mō te wahine.

iWahine Leadership Hui are held once a year in October/November. These two-day hui are for wāhine from diverse professions, industries and sectors seeking stimulation, inspiration and connection. A great opportunity to give and receive tools, tips, strategies and best practice. 

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