Determining The Size of The Prize

Dec 14, 2015

Having a successful business is about more than just opening your doors and starting to rack up sales.  You need to have a solid idea of the potential upside for your business; in other words you have to be able to determine the size of the prize.  Unfortunately, this is where most business owners fall short, but having a business coach to guide you can help to keep you and your company on track.
What exactly do we mean by the size of the prize?  It’s simple really, it just means your company’s overall potential for success within your industry.  Every company is out to make a profit, and that is obviously one measure of success, but there is more to it than that.  Where does your company stack up in terms of industry standards?  Are you keeping abreast of the competition and making a name for yourself?
The answers to those questions can make all the difference for your business.  Determining the size of the prize, then,...

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